Nasturtiums still holding on.

The weather is turning colder, the clocks are about to change so there will be fewer hours of daylight, but there is still colour in the garden - nasturtiums!

The leaves, flowers and seeds of the plant are all edible, and they certainly add a great, peppery bite to autumn salads. Nasturtiums are high in vitamin C and have plenty of iron, so they are a useful boost to the immune system as the season of colds kicks in. Throughout history, these cheerful plants were eaten to help ward off scurvy, colds, flu and urinary tract infections.

They are best grown from seed, planted n early spring, they like areas of sun or partial shade and provide good ground cover - plus bees love them! They normally flower from spring until late autumn (depending on the weather of course) providing colour and edible loveliness for a large portion of the year.

As with all herbs, see your qualified herbalist for advice before consuming, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have kidney problems or ulcers.

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