When the garden dies down, boost your windowsill.

It's November, it is dull, frosts have started and the garden is getting ready for it's winter rest, but that doesn't mean we can't still grow things and get healthy additions to our diet - utilise those windowsills!

There are an array of herb plants one can buy in the supermarket already in pots that can brighten up your kitchen, mint, coriander, basil, tarragon and oregano to name but a few and they can add wonderful flavour to meals all through winter. a long planter such as a window box can provide a great herb garden and give slightly sorry plants the opportunity to grow happily.

Another fantastic way to get fresh 'veg' into food is to sprout seeds and pulses. Sprouts are packed FULL of vitamins and minerals to help the immune system. Mung beans turn into beansprouts for stir-fries, puy lentils for example sprout into a great winter salad component or for adding to winter soups, a little bit of research (depending on your tastes) can open up a world of health-boosting indoor growing! Simply soak your chosen seed or pulse in a jar of water for 12 -24 hours then drain the water away, rinse a few times a day until sprouts start to appear and they are ready.

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