Autumn is here!

I love all the seasons, living in the UK one thing that is always changing is the weather, and autumn has a beauty like no other. The turning leaves, smell of wood smoke and clearing the garden ready for winter are things I adore. This week we have picked the last of the tomatoes, kept the green ones for chutney and composted the plants, had a good sweep up and next will be the peppers. Another job I enjoy is crumbling coriander seeds off the dried stems I cut in August, there is now a lovely pot full ready for winter curries and chili-con-carne. I have been planting too, more rocket seedlings are sprouting in the greenhouse ready for adding a peppery tang to salads and pasta dishes, sweet pea seeds are ready to be nestled into plugs in the hope that they will be an early flower for the bees in spring, another lot will be planted later for later flowers - they are one of my favourites so the longer I can make the season the better! Garlic will be next. Of course the main point of pride in the garden at the moments are the pumpkins, we have three good ones which are turning deep orange at the moment - gorgeous, I can almost taste the soup and will need to make some room in the freezer!

Anyway, I hope you are well and getting though this very strange year in the best way possible.


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